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Legal & Appeals

Parking on private land is available to motorists as long as they abide by the rules the landowner puts in place.

The signage on such land is there to remind motorists of the regulations and consequences of ignoring those regulations.

If a driver parks on private land and our Hawkeye Enforcement Parking Warning Signs are correctly displayed, the driver is entering into a contract with the landowner. If they break the parking rules they are 'in breach of contract'.

Parking charge notices are a request for a payment when there has been a clear breach of contract between a landowner and a driver.

Parking charge notices are issued under the terms and conditions set out on the signs. The signs are installed in clear and prominent places.  

If you wish to dispute liability for a Parking Charge then you may appeal online to Hawkeye Enforcement. Appeals must be received within 21 days beginning with the day after that on which the notice was given. You must provide your full name, email address and the Parking Reference at the top of the Notice (begining with HE) and your full reasons for contesting liability otherwise your appeal will not be processed.

Appeal decisions should be provided within 28 days.

If your appeal is rejected, you can make an appeal to the Independant Appeals Service who deal with disputes of this type. More information can be found at

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